sunnuntai 18. joulukuuta 2016

Hasta luego

So this is it. In less than an hour my flight will leave from Costa Rica and my journey here will end.
And all I want to say is thank you.
Thank you to all the people who made my journey the best.
Thank you Costa Rica showing me your beauty.
Thank you for all the new memories.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you.

I couldn't have wished better way to spend five months and I am extremely sad to leave. If I could, I would stay here forever.

I am too sad to write anything else. If you could see me right now, you would see me sitting in an airport trying to hold my tears. Trying so hard and failing.

So before I break down I am just going to repeat myself and say thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Thank you and hasta luego <3

torstai 15. joulukuuta 2016

Hello Nicaragua

So I visited Nicaragua. That's it. This is how I am going to start my blog. Very boringly (if that even is a word).
Maybe I am just not in a good mood to write anything because I know I have to leave soon. Soon I have to go to the airport and leave. I don't want to. Please.

But okay before all the good ends, let's talk about all the good that I had.

So I visited Nicaragua. Why? Because I had already seen everything I wanted to see in Costa Rica and I had free time, so why not. Why not go there, when it's so close and easy to go.

I took Ticabus from San José and it took me straight to Granada for only 29$. Crossing the border was surprisingly easy. I had heard "horror" stories how Nicaraguan border is a mess to cross (it takes forever etc). But for me it was easy. Just get the stamp on your passport and cross.

It took about 9 hours to go from San José to Granada but it didn't feel that long (mostly because I slept in the bus hah). I didn't have any reservation to any hostel because I knew there are so many hostels that there must be a room for one person. And luckily the hostel that I was aiming for had bed for me! Hostel Oasis and it really was one. The biggest hostel I've been so far. The dorm room cost only 9$/night and it included all you can eat pancakes and bananas breakfast (score!). It's middle of everything so it was easy to walk from place to place (not that Granada isn't easy to walk around from anywhere hah). It also had super good wifi (which is very important to travellers nowadays). Very good hostel and I totally recommend it to all.

I didn't do that much in Granada because, even though Nicaragua is super cheap, I was running out of money to do any tours. First day I just explored the city and relaxed. I absolutely love how colorful all the houses are. Granada truly is beautiful. Second day I spent in Laguna de Apoyo. Beautiful beautiful laguna where you can relax, swim, take a kayak and just enjoy.

My third night I stayed at the treehouse hostel. And I must say that go there! So beautiful and relaxed place. You get a free shuttle from center of Granada to there and back. Also it's a party hostel so it offers "party shuttles" at 8 and 9pm (and of course back ar 12 and 2am). It's only open from Wednesday to Sunday so make sure you are there around that time (Thursdays they have open mic night!). You have the opportunity to sleep in a normal dorm or do it like I did: night in a hammock! Truly truly recommended even though they don't have wifi! But hey it's a treehouse, what can you expect.

Saturday I headed to San Juan del Sur because I wanted to do Sunday Funday (heard too much about it to skip it). I took a shuttle there because it was easier and not that expensive. It's also easy just to take chicken buses to San Juan but I didn't want to change the bus at Rivas. Wanted to take the most easiest way possible.

Yet again I didn't have reservation to any hostel but yet again I got a room from a hostel that I wanted to go to (Coconut Surf hostel). Only 10$/night and breakfast included. There's not that many hostels that have breakfast included so when I find one, I am the happiest person ever. I am just so lazy to make my own breakfast that if I don't get it from my hostel, I often skip it (I knoooow, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I shouldn't skip it).

And then Sunday came. I was expecting a lot from Sunday funday. I heard so many good stories that made it sound the best thing ever to do in life. To people who don't know what Sunday funday is: you pay certain amount money (30$) and then you go from hostel to hostel to party (hostel to hostel aka 3 hostels and a club)! All the hostels have a pool so basically it's huge pool party which starts at 12pm till... Well till you can't continue anymore hah.
I was a bit skeptic first to pay 30$.
Is it really worth it?
Was it?
Let me tell you...
It really was!
The music is so good. You meet so many new people. You just have the best Sunday ever!
Some people "gave up" already around 9pm but I found myself in bed at 2am. So basically I partied almost 14 hours. Not bad if I may say so hah!

And on Monday I woke up 7am feeling as good as any other day.

I didn't have any plans what I wanted to see or do in Nicaragua because I went there only because I had free time. So on Monday I just went to see Cristo de la Misericordia. If you walk there it's nice at least hour walk but half of it you have to walk really steep up. Luckily guy from my hostel wanted to drive there with his bike so I got a ride there! And it's good that I got a ride because the walk would have seriously been really steep and I'm too lazy to walk it hah. The view from there was so beautiful. I could see the whole San Juan and more. So pretty.
Rest of the day I just relaxed and bought some souvenirs.

On Tuesday everyone from my hostel went to have a bbq to a private beach but because it cost 20$ I couldn't afford it and go there (yes yes I know I just had spent 30$ to do Sunday funday). But I had nice day at my hostel trying to teach English to one of the workers there haha.
When others came back from the beach we went for a dinner. The restaurant we wanted to go said they are closed/closing but when they saw all of us (13 people) they didn't close it after all and let us eat there (smart move restaurant, smart move). The food was amazing so it's a pity I have no memory what the place is called.

Wednesday I headed back to San José. I took a chicken bus to Rivas and from there Ticabus to San José. Crossing the border took longer this time because when you go back to Costa Rica you need to show them a document that you are leaving the country and oh so freaking many people didn't have a ticket to show. So it took forever for people to buy ticket or something.. I don't know I was just so pissed because the line wouldn't move forward. So if you ever go from Nicaragua to Costa Rica by bus, pleeeeease have a ticket to show that you are leaving Costa Rica. Please.
In the end it took me 8 hours to get from Rivas to San José.

So that was my trip to Nicaragua. Many more small or not so small things happened but don't want to bore you more with small details. I met so many new amazing people and I really hope I will somehow meet them again. If you ever wonder if you should go to Nicaragua: go there. You will have a blast!

Oh yeah.. I was couple of days in Cahuita before I went to Nicaragua...

Cahuita is small, beautiful town. I just walked around Playa Negra and the nacional park. In Cahuita you can snorkel by the coral reef and do other tours if you want to. You don't need more than couple of days there though. It's beautiful and if you only want to relax it's perfect place to do that.

My flight back to Finland leaves day after tomorrow. Too soon. But all I need to do now is to enjoy my last days here and be happy to be able to see my friends again.

So see you soon!
Hasta luego!

perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2016

Hike to Chirripo and back

Before I even start saying anything about my hike, I must say: Go do this. Even though you are not a hiker, even though it might feel too hard...Go for it. I promise you won't regret it and you will definitely fall in love with Chirripo.

So I arrived to San Gerardo on Tuesday because I wanted to do my hike to Chirripo on Thursday. I came here two days before the hike because I didn't want to rush things (buying food etc.).
I decided to do this two day hike after I came to Costa Rica so of course I didn't take any warm clothes with me here (seriously who needs a sweater in Costa Rica). Luckily I read from my guide book about 'Casa Mariposa'. It said that this hostel will lend warm clothes and some other things for the hikers. So I booked a room from there and I must say that I am glad that I did. The hostel is perfect. Extremely beautiful, perfect location to do the hike (only 50m away from the park entrance), staff is excellent and I really did get to borrow warm clothes and some other things I needed for the hike.
The only 'bad' thing is that it's quite far away from the bus stop so it feels forever to get there especially when you have your huge backpack with you.

When I was in Montezuma I heard from a guy who had done the hike before that it will be horrible (but worth it), it will rain, you will sweat like crazy, you will get super cold, it will take about 10 hours to get to the basecamp, there's no hot showers there, you definitely shouldn't do it alone etc etc. So I got a bit freaked out. I was expecting the worst. I was expecting it to be horrible and too much for my level of fitness.

Luckily I got myself a friend to do the hike with! She came to the hostel the same night as I and we were both happy that we didn't have to do the hike alone.
So we started our hike 5 am on a Thursday morning.
And it was horrible.
I am not a hiker. I definitely am not in a good shape. I definitely wanted to walk back after I saw the first '1 km' sign.
But I kept going because I am not a quitter (and I had already paid for everything sooooo...).

So there's three horrible points where you think you can't do it anymore and it feels like you are in hell and you surely keep thinking why the hell you ever decided to do it.
First one:
Your first km. When you start you feel like the first 1 km sign will never come. You keep going up and up an up and it feels like it never ends. And when you finally see the 1 km sign, all you can think of is 'what the hell, did I just do ONLY 1 km'. Yes..horrible.
But eventually your body will get used to the hike and it will become almost not exhausting hike (you even start enjoying it).
The second one:
Km between 8 km to 9 km. I swear to God it MUST be fucking way more than 1 km. There's is no way it is only 1 km. You just keep on going up and up and up and up and up and you have no idea when you will see the 9 km sign and you start saying to yourself that it will get better after 9 km (it really doesn't). I really have no good things to say about that part. It's pure horror.
Third part:
 Your last 2 km before you get to the crestone basecamp. Before your last 2 km you have hiked down. Way too much down. After 11 km you start hiking down. And you really don't want that. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GO UP! And you just know that you are fucked. Eventually you WILL have to go up. And steep. So when you are on your last 2 km you will have to walk up. And steep. You feel like you just want to curl up to a fetus position and cry (okay you might not be that dramatic hah).

But the hike all the way up to the basecamp is so beautiful. So beautiful that you forget from time to time how your legs are killing you and how it's so hard to breathe. And eventually you will end up to basecamp (we did it less than 6 and half hours woopwoop!) and everything has been worth it. My legs hurt so much that I was 100% sure that I couldn't walk the next day. But tadaaaaaaah the next day my legs didn't hurt at all!

So the next morning we did the actual hike to Chirripo to see the sunrise. It's only 5,1 km away from the basecamp. To see the sunrise we woke up around 2 am and started hiking 2:30 am. The hike there is absolutely beautiful. The sky is full of stars and you can't believe you are seeing it. Absolutely stunning starry sky. I have never seen such a beautiful night sky (I know I am repeating myself).
The hike is actually nice and quite easy. The most difficult part is the last km when you have to hike up to the Chirripo. It's steep and pretty dangerous so make sure you have good enough light with you.

And then you are there. And it's absolutely gorgeous. If for some reason I wouldn't have seen the sunrise it still would have been worth it. The starry sky all up from Chirripo was so beautiful and breath taking that I didn't want it to never end. And little by little you start to see the sun come up and it's even more amazing. Beautiful. Stunning. Words can't explain. So beautiful.
It was so freezing cold up there and I couldn't feel my fingers but everything was totally worth it.

Then we started to walk down. Around 7.30 am we were back at the basecamp and at 8 am we started to hike down from there. I was so looking forward to it! All that hiking up and up and FINALLY I can just leisurely walk down. It was so nice. For the first half part. After 8 km it's pure agony. You start feeling the pain on your knees so badly that it's impossible to walk fast. Every km feels further and further away. You want to stop. You start wondering if it all was worth it. You start hating your life. The pain on the knees are too much. You walk and walk and walk. And you cry inside. You just want it to stop as soon as possible. You want to stop and never move again. But after long long walk down you finally see the exit and all you can think about is how amazing it will feel to take nice and hot shower.

And I did all that. All that agony. All that pain. Saw all that beauty. And it was all worth it. Every part of it.
We also got lucky with the weather because it didn't rain at all.
Now I am just enjoying my time after nice shower and wondering where else should I hike to.
Maybe Everest?

keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2016

Feeling like a guide book

So I didn't write two weeks after my last post. Sorry. Thought it would be boring just to write 'yeah I cried'. But yeah.. I cried. A lot. Too much. But I didn't mind. I like crying (yeah weird I know). It's just that the feeling after good cry makes you kinda... I don't now.. relaxed? And it feels like you can breathe again. And be ready to be happy again. Yeah.. Good cry is a must hah.
So my last day at the orphanage was 10th of November. The whole day was normal; just taking care of the kids like always. But of course the thought of having to say goodbye was there back of my head. All day reminding me that it's my last day, that I am going to cry, that I won't see those beautiful kids anymore, that I'll never now what will happen to them. I guess I could say it wasn't a good day.
And the time came. Time to hug them and say goodbye. Time to leave. I was sad but happy at the same time. Happy to be so sad because it meant I really connected with the kids. Happy to realize that I have feelings hah. But I knew that time had to come eventually and all I needed to do was to concentrate on my oncoming travels.

12th of November I started my travels. That day started with sad goodbye to my host family. As I drove away on a taxi, I saw them tearing up and that made me tear up too. They really were the best host family I could get and I will never forget them. Never.

So my first stop was at Tamarindo. The buss ride was supposed to last 5-5,5 hours but it  ended up being 8,5 hours long.. After one hour our buss broke and we had to wait for other buss and at one point there was so long road work going on so it made us slower. But at least it was direct buss from San Jose.

Tamarindo (also known as Tamagringo because there are so many tourists) is nice, small, beautiful place to go and surf. I stayed in a hostel called 'Blue Trailz'. The hostel was really good. Good location, cheap and the rooms had ACs. The hostel is also shop where you can buy and rent surfing (and other) stuff. And if you are guest at the hostel, you are able to rent stuff cheaper. I rented paddle board but the waves were so big that it was impossible to paddle. You can also take many different tours there but if you are on a budget there's really nothing else to do than surf and get your tan on. I took tour on a sailboat. It was relaxing about 6 hour tour which included 5 course meal, snorkeling and open bar. It was a bit pricey (80$) but the food was excellent and well you can drink as much as you want so you really get your moneys worth if you really get to it hah. I got to know amazing people and had fun; what else could I need from my travels.

Next stop was Nosara. To get there I had to take three different buses (Tamarindo-Santa Cruz-Nicoya-Nosara). If you plan on going the same route pleeeeeease don't take the shuttle buss. It really is not hard to go from Tamarindo to Nosara (or Samara). And it really takes only 4 hours. Yeah with shuttle buss you can get there about 2 hours earlier but do you really want to pay 50$ to get there earlier when you have to pay less than 8$ to go with buses.
In Nosara I stayed in '4 you hostal'. It is beautiful hostel and I really recommend you to go there. It's only about 500 meters away from Playa Guiones. The dorm was a bit weird because you don't get key to get there (so it's open all the time) but if you want, you can also book a private room.
Nosara is cute little town in middle of forest. If you don't want to to anything else than surf and yoga, it's perfect place for you. I stayed there only two nights but it was enough for me. All I did was sleep and swim. Nothing else but hey I'm on a holiday so I don't need to do anything.

My next stop was Samara. To go there I only had to take two buses. Fast and cheap. And I really fell in love with Samara. I stayed in 'Hostel Mariposas' and all I can say if you go to Samara, go to this hostel. It's just 100 meters away from the beach, everything is close by, the staff is super friendly and it's so cheap. There's many hammocks to relax on and you can also sleep on the hammock only 8$/night.
In Samara I took surf lessons from 'Pato Surf School'. It cost me 45$ but with that I got 2 hour surf lesson and free use of surf boards for the next 5 days. I wish I stayed there for 5 days but 3 was also (almost) enough. Thursday night in Samara is salsa night so I went out with bunch of people from my hostel and danced danced danced! I had so much fun in Samara and met so many amazing people. I think I spent most of my time on those hammocks they have but I loved it. Also I haven't had so much fun just playing UNO for such a long time. Perfect place.

After Samara I went to Santa Teresa(/Mal Pais). I was there only two nights and I wish I would have stayed there couple days longer. There I stayed in hostel 'Casa Zen'. It's beautiful hostel just minute away from the beach. At Casa Zen you can take yoga classes that are quite cheap. I'm not yoga person so I didn't take any lessons. Santa Teresa (like other towns I've been so far) is a surf town. It's small but long town. Whether you are on Santa Teresa or Mal Pais, you can just walk from town to town.
In Mal Pais I went to infinity pool! It was so beautiful and amazing place to go, relax and watch the sunset. I can't remember what the place was called but I am sure if you are in Santa Teresa, everyone knows where the infinity pool is. Just ask your hostel or random person from the street.
The Santa Teresa beach is so long that even though there are a lot of people, you are able to find quiet and empty place just for you is you want it. Good place to surf, get your tan on and meet amazing people.

From Santa Teresa I went to Montezuma. I took a shuttle buss because it cost me only 10$ but it is also easy to take buses to Montezuma (you have to take 2 buses but it's super cheap).
There I stayed in 'Downtown Montezuma Hostel'. So cheap and in such a good location (And pancakes for breakfast!). I didn't do that much in Montezuma even though you can take many different tours (like in other towns). I went to see the Montezuma Waterfalls, walked to Playa Grande which is about 7 km from the town (though it wasn't so pretty because the hurricane had filled it with logs and trash) and I was so lucky to be there on time to see turtles hatching! So cute little sea turtles running to the ocean! I wish I had the money to rent ATV and just drive around but when you have to make decisions such as 'should I buy food or just randomly drive around' I will pick the food option hah. The most popular tour in Montezuma is a boat  trip to Isla Tortuga. On high season it's crowded and might feel a bit too touristic but I heard that is good tour to take if you have time and money.
There I met guys who had to take back their rental car to Mal Pais so before they took their car back I went with them to hike to Cabo Blanco. We didn't really see anything but it was still beautiful (like all places in Costa Rica are hah).

After Montezuma I headed to Dominical. I took a speed boat to Jaco and from Jaco two different buses to get to Dominical. I only went to Dominical because it was easy place to get from to my next destination and I haven't yet been in Dominical. I was unlucky with the weather there because it just kept raining everyday all day long. But luckily my hostel had TV so I just spent my days watching movies haha. But about my hostel... I stayed in 'Cool Vibes' hostel. It's beautiful hostel with huge common room and kitchen. But the room. Well not even the rooms... The rooms are nice and big and bathrooms are also clean and big. But the big disgusting problem was with the beds. The pillows were moldy and I think the mattresses were too because I used my scarf as a pillow (sure didn't want to use that disgusting moldy pillow) and now my scarf is full of mold. I mean... one of the reasons you book a hostel is just to have bed to sleep in. I really don't care if the common room is big or if the kitchen is perfect. But the bed. It doesn't have to be perfect bed. Just bed. Just bed with no mold at all. Is that really too much to ask for? I don't know if all rooms have the same problems but if you are planning on staying there, make sure you first check if the room is okay. I didn't leave that hostel with cool vibes.

And now I am in San Gerardo de Rivas. I arrived here yesterday and it only took two buses and less than 4$. It really is amazing how cheap and easy it is to travel around Costa Rica. Not going to write anything about San Gerardo yet. Just saying that my hostel is amazing! But about that later on my next blog post.

Yesterday evening I met this older woman from Australia and she asked what I think about Finland. Every time someone asks me should they travel to Finland or how is Finland, my answer is more like 'meh'. But this time I said 'home'. Finland is home. I couldn't explain Finland better for her but she got it. Home.
I think, no matter how much I travel, wherever I go, Finland will always be the place I return to. Sure I would love to stay in Costa Rica way longer but I know it never will be my home. No place is like home. No place is like Finland.

I have less than three weeks left to travel here and I will be sad to leave but at least I am coming home.

tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2016

Don't force me to say goodbye

I hate time. Hate it when it moves too slowly and hate it even more when it moves too fast. When so much time has passed and I feel like I haven't have the time do anything or there are still so many things I want to do. When I only have certain amount time to be somewhere and suddenly I realise that that time is almost over. Please time, can you just slow down a bit and let me be here longer?

Another month has already passed and time is slipping through my fingers. What have I done here? Have I done enough? And what is enough? Okay I don't HAVE to do anything but the thing is... Well.. When you travel to another country, you automatically assume that you have to do many things, see everything, experience everything. Because that is why you went to the other country, right? To do everything? And the further away the country is, the more pressure is there to do things. Because how many times you have the chance to go there again? Almost no chance at all, so you have to use your time smartly and experience as many things as possible. But I guess all you have to do is be. Be there and have no regrets. Say yes to every suggestion. Say yes even though it feels scary. Say yes. When I'm gray and old, I rather regret things that I have done than say "I wish I did that".

So October. Didn't really do that many things in October because I didn't have any more places here that I only want to spend the weekend in.
On the second week of October I had to go renew my VISA. Before I even came to Costa Rica, I decided that I want to go to Panama to do that. To Bocas del Toro, to be exact. And all I can say is that I am so freaking happy I went there.
I took a public buss from San José to Puerto Viejo (and there ate at Bread&Chocolate again, oopsie) then shuttle buss to Bocas. In order to get to Panama I had to cross a bridge in Sixaola. Everything was easy and went smoothly. The only thing that was stupid is that when I left Costa Rica I had to pay 15$ and to come to Panama 4$. So what happens if I don't pay? I can't leave the country and end up in jail or something? Well whatever, take my money if you need it.
In the shuttle buss I met people who ended up going even to the same hostel I did (hostel Selina). So even though I went to do this thing alone, I wasn't alone anymore (I truly love traveling because of this). On that (Thursday) night we went dancing and decided to see next day what we are going to to.
So on Friday we decided to do Zapatilla tour which was awesome! The weather was perfect and the tour too. Took a small boat to Zapatilla, tanning, snorkeling, swimming etc. Ate amazing food and did WAKE BOARDING! Wake boarding was so freaking awesome. I've never done it before and I was able to stand on the board for so long. That day, on that tour, I had so much fun <3
On Saturday we decided to go to Bibi's (bar/restaurant) because there was a happy hour from 4 to 7. That really was happy hah. Well in the end for me it wasn't that funny..okay it was fun. So the thing is we played credit card suffle. Each round of drinks the waiter picked randomly one credit card and the one he picked had to pay that round. And because I am so not lucky, I had to pay two rounds when others payed only one.
Sunday morning I had to head back to San José.
I met so many new awesome people in Bocas and if I'd write all the little things that happened this post would be way too long. So all I can say about Bocas now is thank you for giving me such an awesome time.

Rest of the October I didn't really do anything. Yeah I went out couple of times but it was just normal going out thing.. Okay haha so last Saturday I went alone to amusement park here in San José. After I was alone there for about two hours, some boy came to me and asked if I am alone. Then he asked if I want to join him and his friend. Soooo I ended up hanging out with 16-17 year old school boys (I think they had school trip there on Saturday). But it was fun! Because it was halloween weekend, the park had these zombie things (I have no idea how to explain it better) and last hour before the park closed, there was a concert. Apparently the band is famous here in Costa Rica but I don't remember their name.

So that was my October. And here we are, already in November. And I don't like it. Not at all. I only have two weeks left to work in my orphanage. Two weeks. After two weeks I have to say goodbye to all the kids. To all the perfect beautiful kids that stole my heart. I don't want to do that. I don't want to say goodbye. So please don't force me to say goodbye. Okay? Please? I don't want to look them into their eyes and say bye. To never see them again. To leave and having to worry what will happen to them. Will anyone adopt them. Where will they be in a year or in ten years. So please don't make me say goodbye. Let me stay here for a year or two year. Please?
After two weeks I will start my five week traveling but don't know yet where I'll go first. All I know that in two weeks I will cry.
I will cry, stand up again and start a new chapter in my Costa Rica life. So see you in two weeks when I write about how my heart is broken after leaving the orphanage.

lauantai 1. lokakuuta 2016

Hello shadow my old friend

Okay I have no idea why I put that headline. I guess that I just needed something to make you hooked! To make you open my blog and maybe read sentence or two. Or the whole thing even though, right now, I have no idea what I am going to write. Or I just wanted to tell how much I love shadow 'cause it's so hot in here that sometimes I feel I'm just melting away.

This is supposed to be a travel blog, yeah? So why don't I feel like I'm travelling? I don't feel like I'm in a different country trying to get new experiences.. Fiiiiiine I do know why I feel like this, just needed to make more powerful point on it by asking about it from you guys first. So should I answer it or not? I mean I know the answer already, it's not like you guys (if there even is any "you guys" reading this) need it, right? Fine fine fine (sorry I'm horrible horrible writer), the reason I don't feel the way I "should" feel is because I have normal daily rhythm. Every morning I wake up, go to work and come back home. On the weekends I go somewhere but it feels more like "I do something on the weekend" than "I go travelling". Or I'm just a crazy person (but that I knew already). But I guess this is just good thing. It means I'm not just on a "holiday" but I am also really living here.

It's been long time since the last post so this one is going to cover whole September and be longer than...Longer than.. I don't know.. Longer than something that's super long! (so feel free to stop reading when you get super bored)

So what have I done...
Oh yeah!
First weekend (in September) I spent doing nothing at all and I liked it. Finally I had time to charge my batteries and relax (all those bus rides to different places take way more energy than I realized). So my plan for the weekend was just netflix and chill (in the innocent way, you know) and might I say I did my plan perfectly! Well almost... Dammit my plan was so easy but couldn't do even that well.. Nooooo I just had to break my plans and have a life. I just had to go to San José with my friend. But it was nice; we went to a museum, walked around, ate, walked, walked and walked a bit more. And in the end I told him that my plan B in life..okay plan C is to become a crazy cat lady. Own 81 cats and live in small island and do nothing else than feed my cats all day long (isn't that a lovely picture).
But in the end I did end up charging my batteries 'cause on Friday and Sunday I did nothing else than netflix and chill (boooyah I'm a great planner hah)

Next weekend me and my friend Caddie went to Jacó because we wanted to take sun, sing some karaoke and dance like there is no tomorrow! And Jacó was perfect place to do all that and plus it's so close to San José. And let me just tell you that if you ever end up in Jacó, go eat in "Bien Muchachos"! The chicken pesto quesadilla is to die for <3 It's so good that I could just eat that for the rest of my life. The restaurant was so good that we went there every day haha. But of course I tried different foods and all of them are so good. Recommended indeed! (but if you go there and don't like it, please don't blame me hah)
Saturday we took a crocodile tour and because it's slow season here right now we got ourselves a private tour just because there was no other tourists that wanted to take the tour that day (score!). It was nice boat ride where we saw soooo many crocodiles and one point the tour guy went to the water to feed the animal (crazy guy).
Don't know what else to say about this weekend than that it was a blast!

Next weekend we went to Tortuguero. We had to take two buses and motorboat ride to get there but it really is worth it. The boat ride is so beautiful and relaxing. I really liked Tortuguero. It's super small place with no cars. The only thing I didn't like was that there were no banks or ATMs so when you go there remember to take money from the ATM before you go 'cause you won't be able to get any untill you leave the place. Yeah you could use your card on some places.. I just don't like to pay with card.
Friday night we took a turtle walk tour and oh boy that was awesome! I knew that (sea)turtles are big but when I saw them with my own eyes, I couldn't believe they really were that big! Way over one meter long and so huge. Unfortunately it wasn't allowed to take pictures but I will always remember that experience.
Rest of the weekend we just relaxed and again danced like there is no tomorrow. Perfect weekend yet again.

Last weekend was Caddie's last weekend here in Costa Rica and we wanted to...well.. have perfect last weekend for her. We went to Puerto Viejo for the beaches and night life.
Our hostel/hotel was perfect! This was the best place we've been here in Costa Rica. "Hotel Pura Vida" and let me tell you, it really was pura vida. The staff is super nice, it's located in really good place and the rooms are so beautiful. And there's perfect breakfast place called "Bread&Chocolate" just two minute walk from the hotel (go there!). Perfect.
Saturday we rented bicycles (just 3000colónes/day) and biked through all the beaches till Playa Manzanillo. It was quite long ride but worth it. Enjoyed the beaches, sun, ocean and beautiful landscape.
The weekend was full of perfect things; food, weather and full of laughter.

This weeks Thursday we went out in San Pedro because it was Caddie's last full night here and it was a blast! The only "bad" thing was that the club was so packed! Couldn't almost move around. But the music was so good that in the end I didn't care about all those people hah.
Yesterday we went to Museo de los niños and it was cool! Sometimes we might have been a bit childish so it was good place for us hahah. And I kept thinking that one day it would be so nice to bring my own children there (I know I'm young, I shouldn't think about kids now but I can't help it hah). But end of the day I had to say goodbye to my friend and that wasn't funny at all.

All I can say now to Caddie is thank you for these two months; I couldn't have found better friend to travel and hang out with me in here. Your flight back to Germany already left today but my journey here still continues. Let's see what I end up doing next!

Of course there are things that have happened during the week but then this post would end up being longer than thing that's longer than the super long thing so I will end it here. And of course I have to have something to tell when I go back to Finland. It's no good to tell everything here and have no stories to tell when I go back home. So see ya later alligator!

maanantai 29. elokuuta 2016

I miss hot showers

You know the feeling when you have to wake up in the morning but don't want to? But then you realise you can go stand into hot shower and let that amazing hot water run through your body making you feel all warm and fuzzy? Or before putting your yammies on, you hop into nice and hot shower to wash all that sweat and stress you got that day? Yeah... I miss that feeling. The feeling when the water is so hot it feels like your skin is melting off, the feeling when you just know that every drop of sweat is leaving your body and you feel so relaxed and happy. It's funny how you miss certain things only after you don't have them anymore. Now I sound like I haven't had any hot showers here.. Well that's true hah. Yeah I've had maybe couple warm showers and the rest are...well...not so warm. I sound now like spoiled little princess but what can I say, I like my showers nice and hot.
Okay I guess that's enough about my showers hah..

So last week I started my volunteer work in an orphanage. It's a bit weird not be able to talk with the kids because I don't know Spanish that well yet... But I guess you don't need to know how to speak when playing tag or pushing the kids in the swing.
It's sad to think that it's not a daycare center; to go home and know that the kids will stay there because they have nowhere else to go, no one else to take care of them, no mom, no dad, no one. It's so good to see the kids all happy and laughing but... Then to remember that they aren't supposed to be there.. That they are there because their parents didn't want them. Found from the streets having nothing. Taken away from their parents because they were assaulted. But at least they have the people in the orphanage who takes care of them. Who give love and food. Who gives roof on top of their heads. Reads them a good night story. Hugs them. Make them feel loved and wanted. I'm so happy to be part of something that make the kids happy.

I could write million sentences about how amazing all the children are but it's too sad to say all those amazing things and then realise that they aren't wanted by their parents..ARGH! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

So I've had three weekends here already and every weekend I've travelled somewhere and done some tour thingy. Fist weekend I spent in La Fortuna. Did a Volcan Arenal tour and went to hot springs (wohoo hot water! haha). Second weekend I spent in Manuel Antonio. Heaven on earth! Spent Saturday just laying on beautiful beach and getting my tan on. Heaven. Buuuuut after that day I might have been more red than brown (oopsie). And in the evening me and my friends went dancing. Last weekend I was in Monteverde. The weather was nice and cool (other weekends had been way too hot so this weather was so welcomed). On Saturday went zip lining (sitting normally and like superman)! So awesome! Even though it rained it didn't ruin the experience. End of the zip lining was Tarzan swing: 40meter free fall and then the rope catches you and you swing like Tarzan. That was the best thing in the whole zip lining thingy! I wish I could have done it over and over again.

I've loved all the travelling but spent way too much money doing that.. Now all I can think of is "save money, save money, save money, you are going to be here still 16 weeks..saaaaave!" Well next weekend I'm gonna take it easy and just stay at my host family. And sleep. Gonna sleep so much. Just sleep. Nothing else. Okay maybe netflix. 'Cause netflix is life.

And now some awesome pics
Volcán Arenal
View from my hostel in Manuel Antonio
Perezoso <3
Crickets (?)
Manuel Antonio
Night out in Quepos

Don't have any pics from Monteverde 'cause all the zip lining pics are on CD.. Will put some here when I get them on my laptop! Good night for now and Hasta Luego!